A discovery session with me will be the first step into your journey of transformation. It is an opportunity for us to delve deeper into what is really holding you back and clarify exactly what it is you want from your life going forward. We will explore how we could work together to rebuild the love you have for yourself and become the highest achieving version of you!


What is a discovery session?


Is this you?

  •  Do you feel like your life has become a bit of a routine? 

  • Do you have ‘the dreaded Sunday night feeling’?

  • Do you feel like you put everyone else before yourself?

  • Do you feel like you are living in your past?

  • Do you look at successful people in life and say to yourself ,“I could never be at the place they are. They are just lucky”

  • Do you doubt your abilities?

  • Do you feel like you are existing rather than living?  


What is coaching?

Coaching is a transformational journey in which I use powerful tools and techniques to investigate what it is that is holding you back from that life filled with purpose and love, that you know you are destined for.

Specialising as a mindset  and fulfilment coach, I will help you sort your head out and break through anything that has been holding you back from becoming the highest achieving version of yourself. We will look deeper into what will ultimately bring you peace and remove any doubt that has prevented you from building the life you desire . 

Have someone that can hold you accountable 

In order to have huge successes, I have found that having someone that holds you accountable, creates huge shifts in your life.

This is why I will always hold you accountable for the progression towards that life that you truly desire and deserve.

Not only this, but coaching will also assist you in creating new and positive habits that will change the way you see the world.

This is where it all begins.


Why choose me?


Only 5 years ago, I looked in the mirror not really recognising who I was or how on earth my life could look up after the death of my mum.

I was working tirelessly in a profession that I allowed to dictate my mental state. I had endless ‘to-do lists’ that were never completed which in turn, filled me with a sense of disappointment in myself.

Enough was enough.

Enter coaching.

My whole perception of the world changed.


I changed.

The light within me had ignited and for the first time, I had a clear vision of my future and I was filled with so much confidence that I could achieve what I set my mind to.

I became me.


How does it work?


We will begin with a powerful one to one coaching conversation in which we can assess every area of your life and be clear on what exactly is holding you back from a life of fulfilment.

Based on our initial conversation, I will create a bespoke programme to fit with your goals.

We will then work together in a 1 to 1 session via Zoom every week for maximum results.


Every week will be different and we will work on the areas that are preventing you from moving closer to the life you desire.

My coaching programmes start from a 12 week programme, but can be tailored to suit the results you want to achieve from working together.

I know only too well that you can lose momentum when you are in between sessions, which is why I am always there to support your progression in between sessions with text and email support available.

How am I different to other coaches?

I am a fully qualified and internationally accredited life & fulfilment coach and NLP practitioner. I  will use these techniques, and where appropriate,  elements of law of attraction  & spirituality within my coaching  in order to achieve maximum results.

I have experience with grief, fulfilment and social media business training to also support anyone needing guidance in these areas too.

My approach will always come from a more empathetic and emotional stance in order to create the most safe and loving environment  for you to open up and be true to yourself so you can truly move forward with your deep rooted desires.

I know the power that comes from finding the answers within yourself, so I will always encourage you to find the answers for yourself  but will offer my experience  and advice where appropriate to guide you further.


Worried about investment?

Imagine that someone had the key to unlock the life of your dreams, a life of purpose, confidence and self love.

A life in which you had so much belief in yourself and life in which you didn’t stress out over the little things.


Imagine it.

How much would you pay for that key?

That key is coaching and it is an investment in YOU because you weren’t put on this world to suffer.

Rest assured that all of my coaching programmes are extremely affordable and I have a range of payment plans available for all budgets.

However, I want you to have a peace of mind, so I do offer a no quibble 100% Money back guarantee.


If after 30 days, you do not feel that coaching is for you or you are not getting results from our sessions, then I will give you 100% of your money back no questions asked.

Image by Zan

Imagine a you that...

  • Looks in the mirror and loves what they see

  • Wakes up with more energy and vibrancy

  • Feels content with life

  • Radiates positivity because of an unbreakable mindset

  • Feels empowered to take action

  • Feels like the piece in that jigsaw has now be found


If you read anything, read this….


Life is too short to suffer.

It's too short to settle for a mediocre life.


Life is to be lived and you deserve that and so much more.

Do not allow the voice in your head to control your decisions. 


YOU have the power to decide what your future is like.


Only YOU can take that first step.


So make it the best step you’ve ever taken and press the button.