My Story

Imagine that girl at school – the shy one, the one that wasn’t popular and the one so afraid to get anything wrong or speak up.

That girl was me.

A little girl that always believed this was her place in the world – that she was destined to be the quiet one who just stayed at the side lines trying hard just to get by.

As I grew up, I continued to work hard to succeed at whatever I put my mind to, because the thought of not achieving, gave me such a sense of disappointment in myself.

I’d work for the approval of others, for someone to recognise me and just give me that moment of praise and appreciation and when that didn’t come, I’d work harder.

Was this how life was supposed to be?


Was this how life was supposed to be?

In my early 20s, I landed my first professional job as a teacher and boy did this push me to the limits.

That innate need for recognition was at a whole new level and this time, I had 30 little eyes depending on me too.

I committed every hour of everyday to that job in the beginning, and now it was parents, children and colleagues that I was trying to do right by.


As I watched my colleagues though, my brain continued to tell me that they were  better at their job than me.

In my eyes, that meant I wasn’t good enough. So I continued to work to be better.

I was exhausted.

Was this really how life was supposed to be?

In a world where I was always trying to be recognised and appreciated, I was lucky enough to never feel that way when I was with my family.

I grew up surrounded by love, recognition and appreciation (Who knows why I felt I needed it from society as a whole).


This was my safe haven, where I could be me.

Then in my mid 20s, my world fell apart when my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I watched closely for a year as she lost her battle and could not comprehend why on earth this was the path that mine and her life was supposed to take.


She never got the future she had dreamt of and it just wasn’t fair.

At this point I lost a big part of my faith.

I lost a big part of me.


I lost a big part of me

I remember so vividly, standing in front of the mirror with tears rolling down my face as I just didn’t recognise who I was anymore…who I was meant to be and how I could possibly move on with my life when she wasn’t there to experience it with me.

I threw myself into work again because everyone told me it’s good to keep busy.

So the to do list got longer every week and I started to drown.

I wasn’t achieving what I needed to and again, felt that inner disappointment that I wasn’t good enough as I wasn’t achieving.

Then people would say, “don’t do too much”…..I began to realise that half the problem was society. 

Listening to all the conflicting opinions of others, was pushing me further away from my true self.

I doubted myself all the time!

Enough was enough!

Then, a couple of years ago, I was introduced to a book called ‘The Magic’. A book that sparked something in me – the faith I had lost had been reignited.

The power of gratitude helped me see different doors of opportunity that I had not seen before and I met a beautiful soul who took me through a grief recovery programme which helped me deal with the grief of losing my mum.


In doing this, I can only describe it as my soul began to wake up.

My grief had been released and I was free of pain but there was still a part of me searching for something. I just had no idea what it was!

After stumbling across posts here and there on social media, I was drawn to a coaching training programme.

Something clicked with me.


I knew this was for me.

Enough was enough.

I decided that this was the first step in the right direction for a life I was truly destined for.

I was free from the restraints that life had put on me

Coaching opened me up to a world with confidence, without fear, without limiting beliefs but with the ability to understand that life is always happening for me and not to me.

Don’t get me wrong, since writing this, life has thrown me quite a few curve balls and I have felt the pain and cried a lot BUT coaching enabled me to dig deeper and empowered me to find the answers within myself that gave me hope for the future.

I knew it was up to me to embrace this and use this for my higher purpose in life.

NLP coaching then took it all this to another level. I was able to visualise my life in a way that I can only describe as magic.


It has helped me feel free from the restraints that life had put on me and has given me strategies to train my brain to live in a beautiful state more often than not.

'I love her and who she has become'

Now when I stand in front of a mirror, I see me…the real me, the transformed me and the one who is capable of more than that little girl would have ever imagined.

I love her and who she has become.

I know only too well that life is short and I don’t intend on wasting a moment.


So come on life, let’s do this!!


And just remember this….


You’re not just a wife, just a mum or just an employee (like I have so often felt like society has labelled me)


You are whoever you want to be and you are destined for great things, you just need to wake up that beautiful soul within yourself.


Do you resonate?

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