Image by Daiga Ellaby


After my session with

Sam yesterday, I felt so much lighter and less anxious about everything that's going on in the world.

And now I have techniques I can use whenever I start to feel stressed or anxious about something .

Instead of playing those negative thoughts over and over in my mind and thinking about 101 different scenarios, I used one of the techniques Sam taught me and I instantly felt better and removed the negative thoughts from my mind.

She's taught me that its OK to be a bit selfish and just think about my own happiness, and getting my own life back on track at the moment rather than always trying to make everyone else happy and do things to please them , I also worry a lot about what others think about my life choices when I really shouldn't if its not causing me or anyone any harm.

Don't get me wrong I'll always be there for my friends and family that won't ever change,

And hopefully the happier and less stressed I am, a better friend I can be.

Image by Justin DoCanto


I’ve been looking and learning about ways to keep healthy for a few years now and have found keeping a healthy mind the most challenging. Taking things personally and overthinking became natural to me even though I found both exhausting. I contacted Sam with the aim to improve my anxious thoughts and to help with my attitudes towards relationships.


Sam’s really opened my mind to be able to control my thoughts and just think about things differently. Before I’d think ‘Why are they being like this to me?’ and get wound up but I’m now able to think about bigger pictures of situations, whether that’s looking at another persons personality traits or just choosing a happier and calmer life for myself rather than getting annoyed. Of course there are moments where old habits come to surface first but I’m definitely able to control them and manage my thoughts without it impacting my day.


I’ve suffered with low self esteem for many years, probably since I was a teenager. Which lead me to holding onto people that weren’t good for me for too long. This behaviour I would say put me into a sort of cocoon where I wanted to protect myself, not sure if I was open to what I saw as another path to getting hurt. While I haven’t met someone yet (pandemics make it hard to date!) I truly believe I am going to soon which although I’ve tried to think before, I’ve never actually believed until recently. My mindset from how I see myself to how I see my future has completely levelled up since working with Sam.

Image by Chris


Just come off my hour coaching session with Sam, I'm feeling amazing already so much more positive in 1 session, thank you x